Now introducing...
The Brand Asset Manager

Created by marketing managers with over ten years
of marketing software experience. Manage your
marketing assets for more brand consistency,
cost control
and customer response

Save Time and Money

Automating the marketing communications process with BAM! can reduce your admin time to supervise the people and content in that process by 50%.

And help you save 8% - or hundreds of thousands of dollars every year -- on the costs those marketing professionals incur on the 20+ steps needed to create or manage those assets, and then distribute them.

Only BAM! has been built single-mindedly for Marketing managers, starting with its user-friendly interface and 10 additional customer features.

Optimize Workflow

BAM's versatile search and retrieval, reduces the time spent finding the right message components, and avoids the effort spent trying to recreate a good message that already exists.

Our Lightbox feature breaks down organizational silos -- and optimizes real-time collaboration globally.

Comprehensive admin systems, including role-based access, protect permissions and editing

Eliminate Chaos

Emails get lost, and messages get misconstrued when filtered through different company sectors.

We understand that your marketing executives need to focus on customers, and don't have time to worry about where your brand's images are stored, or who can access them.

That's our job. That's what our Search and Retrieval features provide.

Build Brand Consistency

BAM! Adds to your brand’s equity by helping deliver the right message uniformly.

Marketing assets are created, edited and distributed on one easy-to-use platform.

BAM!’s Lightbox organizes messages according to your usage requirements. Our Version Control and Rights Management functions make sure your usage requirements are respected at all times.

BAM! Is a feature-rich, simple, and cost-effective way to build a robust repository and portfolio of your brand—locally, nationally or globally.

Make More Revenue

Delivering all your brand's marketing messages at the right time makes a major difference in Point of Sale results.

All 11 of BAM!'s distinctive features contribute to that revenue increase.

BAM!'s innovative, easy-to-use features free up your key marketing professionals from routine and repetition to direct their focus where it matters -- your customers

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The Brand Assets Manager


  • Reduce admin time on marketing communications by 50%.
  • Save or redeploy 8%---$400,000/year for every $5 million of Marketing Operations.
  • Deliver the complete, accurate brand message at the right time at the Point of Sale.
  • Ensure compliance with BAM's Activity Dashboard and Audit Log.


  • Find the right message faster and avoid reinvention with BAM's versatile Search and Retrieval.
  • Break down silos and collaborate globally using BAM's Lightbox feature.
  • Protect systems and role-based access


  • Avoid losing messages or images in separate formats or records.
  • Focus more marketing-exec time on customers.
  • Deliver the right message every time with one easy-to-use platform and Brand Guidelines.
  • Respect those branding requirements with BAM's Version Control and pro-active Rights Management.

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