James Killough. (Chairman, CEO)
  • Chairman, Image Information Technologies
  • Advisor, Morgan Stanley Technology Services
  • CEO. Hunting & Killough
  • Director, Saatchi-Compton
  • Account Management, Procter & Gamble
  • BA. Wesleyan.  MBA. Harvard Business School
Philip Meese (Engagement Manager)
  • CEO. Mercury Technologies
  • Developer. Merrill Lynch, Lehman
  • BA, Computer Science, SUNY
Robert Matsuoka. (Founder, CTO)
  • Technical Director, Institute for Learning.
  • Architect and Principal Designer.  NYC technology project (Tishman Fund).
  • Adjunct Professor, Multimedia and web-database applications, Columbia University.
  • BA. Colorado College MA.  Instructional Technology, Columbia University.
Igor Kopeykin. (Senior Developer)
  • Document Specialist,  IKON Office Solutions
  • BA, Computer Science, Hunter College
Artem Kolotilkin (Project Manager)
  • Project Manager, ArcherSoft
  • BS, MS, Computer Science. Dnepropetrovsk University
Oleg Shpak (IT Support)
  • IT Director. Alkar Teleport
  • IT Manager. Design Implementation
  • MS, Applied Mathematics and MS, Computer Sciences. Dnepropetrovsk University
Sergey Rusin (System Administrator)
  • System Administrator, ArcherSoft
  • BS, Computer Science
Alexey Tulin (Outsourcing Partnership: 115 Developers / Project Managers)
  • CEO. ArcherSoft
  • BA, MA Dnepropetrovsk University.
Gregory Waldron (Board Director and Finance Committee Chairman)
  • Vice President for College Advancement, Connecticut College.
  • Associate Director.  University Relations, Wesleyan University
  • Morgan Stanley
  • BA, Wesleyan. MBA in Finance, New York University

Kenneth McGevna. (CFO)
  • Financial Director. Image Info Technologies
  • CEO. McGevna and Associates CPAs
  • Controller. Information Management Division, General Foods
  • Auditor. Deloitte and Touche
  • BA and MBA. Pace University
Renata Hauff. (Accounting Manager)
  • Auditor. Deloitte and Touche
  • Senior Tax Consultant. Arthur Andersen
  • BS Business/Accounting. San Jose State University