Andrey Akselrod (BAM Architect)
*Partner, Smartlink
*Developer, Biomedical research, InterAmerican College of Physician and Surgeons.
*Programmer, City of New York
*BS. Computer Science, Brooklyn College

Mark Fasciano (Strategic Planning)
*Founder and CEO. Fatwire
*CEO. Karma411
*CEO. General Sentiment
*BA, Cornell. MA and PhD, Chicago

Robert Gartland (Financial Services Market)
*CEO. Morgan Stanley Services
*CEO. Morgan Stanley IT
*Managing Director. JPMChase

Robert Hiatt
, (Corporate Market)
*CEO. Maybelline
*COO. Swift & Co; KFC
*Brand Management. Procter & Gamble
*BA. Northwestern

John Nelson, (General Management)
*Chairman. TJMaxx
*CEO. Norton Industries
*CEO. Wyman Gordon
*BA. Wesleyan.  MBA Harvard Business School

Sean Salehi, (Technology)
*Founder and Managing Director. SAI technology innovation
*Senior Vice President for Technology.  QRS Corporation.
*Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Fair Isaac.
*BA, Computer Science from California State  MBA. Marshall School of Business, USC

John Simon, (Strategic Planning)
*CEO. AfterBOT
*Director. Easy Link
*BA. Harvard College MBA Harvard Business School

Ira Slade, (Accounting and Legal)
*President. International Services Corporation
*Senior Partner. Slade & Newman, LLP
*BA. Baruch School, City College of NY. JD. Brooklyn Law

Ralph Sorensen, (Higher Education Market)
*President. Babson College
*Dean. Colorado Graduate School of Business Administration
*Professor. Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration
*BA. Amherst. MBA. Harvard Business School

James Vick
(Associations Market)
*Staff director/publisher, IEEE Media/IEEE Spectrum
*Vice President and publisher, Film & Video magazine, a Phillips Business Publishing publication
*Executive vice president, sales and marketing, Lawyers Weekly Publications
*Publisher, Industrial Equipment News, a Thomas Publishing publication
*BA. Boston University

Thomas Wilson, (Sales and Marketing)
*Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, Consumer Products Practice
*Brand Management, Proctor&Gamble
*BA, Dartmouth.  MBA, Wharton.